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Our Story

Frill was founded with the vision of providing a flexible range of amenities to the expanding hospitality sector. With years of expertise, Frill produces intelligently designed hotel toiletries and is a supplier of guest amenities to the upscale hospitality networks to enhance the individualised experience of hotel guests. At Frill, we think that by fostering a friendly environment, we can foster a sense of community.


We offer a comprehensive selection of hotel amenities and in-room toiletries. While delivering consistent quality across all product categories, we offer perfect blend of luxury as well as serenity to unwrap a unique hospitality experience every single time.


Made In India

We are a truly "Made in India" brand and take pride in our belief of making the guest feel respected & valued through every product that touches them in a hotel room, bathroom, or spa.

Natural Products

From the very first stage, frill follows ecological standards to deliver sophisticated products that are environmentally conscientious. Our products are free from Parabens and are not tested on animals.

To ensure the footprints we leave behind are as soon as possible, all products are environmentally friendly & recyclable.

Beauty Products
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