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A whiff of the ocean and aroma of the sea will let you enjoy a refreshing getaway.

Product Fragrance - Aquatic

We are available to assist you with the complete personalization of our existing product line's hotel toiletries, including the packaging, labels, eco-friendly pouch, premium box, and flawlessly stitched bathroom slippers.

We extensively collaborate on every aspect of design with our clients until they are delighted.

To meet your expectations, we offer a variety of options for working on different aromas, labelling types, liquid colours, and qualities.

​​Shampoo 20ml
Shower gel 20ml
Body Lotion 20ml
Hair Conditioner 20ml

Soap 20gm (Box pack)

Dental kit
Shaving kit
Shower cap
Vanity Kit
Medi kit
Sewing Kit
Disposal Bag
Shoe Shiner
Bathroom Slippers

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