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Ensuring that extra bit of comfort and luxury while offering a memorable guest experience, we proudly introduce Forestra - luxury care range to unwrap a perfect stay.

Product Fragrance - Aromatic

We are available to assist you with the complete personalization of our existing product line's toiletries, including the packaging, labels, eco-friendly pouch, premium box, and flawlessly stitched bathroom slippers.

We extensively collaborate on every aspect of design with our clients until they are delighted.

To meet your expectations, we offer a variety of options for working on different aromas, labelling types, liquid colours, and qualities.

​​Shampoo 20ml/35ml
Shower gel 20ml/35ml
Body Lotion 20ml/35ml
Hair Conditioner 20ml/35ml


Dental kit
Shaving kit
Shower cap
Vanity Kit
Medi kit
Sewing Kit
Disposal Bag
Shoe Shiner
Bathroom Slippers

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